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Covid Approved Valentines Day Ideas

As we roll into 2021 we are still confronted with the Covid virus across our country. Many of us have missed out on yearly celebrations and events in order to stay safe and reduce the spread. Valentine’s day gives us a unique opportunity to celebrate a holiday that we can fully embrace, even during these odd times. Below are a few suggestions on ways to celebrate Valentine’s day fully while still maintaining Covid safety requirements!

Searching For An Easy & Delicious Side Dish – Look No Further!

Baked Brussel sprouts and broccoli are a staple in our home. Not only are these two vegetables delicious and healthy, they are also cheap! This recipe is perfect for families of all sizes since these vegetables usually come in either pre-packaged small portions or in bulk – choose for yourself – styles. Below is my favorite take on this simple and easy to do side dish.

Dressing the Part – While Saving $$$$$

Anyone in the working world knows the term Business Casual. As working professionals, we are expected to dress a certain way in order to adhere to office standards. The issue is that for many who are just starting out, or taking a career step, this can be a costly wardrobe to compile.

Is this the perfect Thanksgiving recipe?

For weeks now I have been on the hunt for a perfect, crowd pleasing Thanksgiving dessert. I plan on making a couple other more traditional dessert items but since this year has been so crazy, I also wanted something new and unique to add to the rotation. I am excited to say I think I finally found it!

We Bought a House – FINALLY!

After a 2 year search, we finally found a house! YAY!! Keep in mind it was not this pretty when we first bought it. Check out the original exterior (can we say eww).

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